Bone & Joint Health



Being the most popular beverage product, VitaCaM and DrCBP are breakthrough products in providing nutritional support into your body. Each contains a special ingredient: APECaM (Calmodulin-Like) proteins, which plays a vital role in maintaining normal cellular metabolism, regulating absorption and transportation of nutrients.


These fast and effective beverage formulas are developed in order to maintain a healthy balance throughout your body.



This product contains Cetyl myristoleate which had helped people around the world who had suffered for years with joint problems.


A natural product derived from a certain fatty substance from milk and placed in capsule form: CMO, Also known as cerasomal-cis-9-cetylmyristoleate or in short, cetyl myristoleate. There are trace amounts of it commonly found in butter and products made with milk. But it has to be extracted and stabilized in appropriate amounts in order for it to work.